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You can certainly add Mr. Kevin Durant to the greats of the NBA list who have played at the Harlem’s Rucker Park but put him high on that list. The forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the reigning NBA scoring champion had dazzled the crowd as he scored 66 points in the Entertainers Basketball Classic game on Monday. Football spreads

Durant told one of the sources at the league “I’ve always wanted to play at Rucker Park all my life,”

Rucker Park is ideally located across the street from where there used to be Polo Grounds and is famed for pickup games as well as leagues which have counted Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Julies Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, as well as Kobe Bryant among the other visitors. Durant was just two points short of the EBC scoring record which was set in 2007 by Steve Burtt Jr. Hmmmond the Destroyer is known for holding the most points at the park for 74 points in one game. Football lines

Durant later posted on twitter “No lie, jus had one of the best times of my life at Rucker! I love NY…Harlem waddup.”

The whole NBA lockout scene has dragged for well over a month now with some players having to hit the street playing circuit in order to keep form. Durant has also appeared in the Drew League in Los Angeles. Durant didn’t hit the whole score in the first half but he still finished in a good 23 points. He firs tscored seven straight points in the first quarter which included the 3 pointer and a slam dunk. But things heated up in the second half as he scored 15 points in the third. Football betting lines

Gill said after the game “It’s an honor and pleasure playing with the greatest player in the world, Kevin Durant. He’s young and hungry and it makes your job real easy playing with a guy like that,”  ”Most of the time, just give him the ball and get out of the way. Go spot up and then when they’re doubling, triple-teaming him, you know he’s even scoring on that. He’s an explosive scorer, a great shooter and the greatest player in the world.”

When the play started Durant had showed that he is after all human and he missed the next 3 pointer. Just a few moments later he slammed one for the 60th point of the game and the crowd went wild.

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