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The cornerback Cliff Harris was driving a car at 118 mph on a suspended license was caught early Sunday morning turned out to be a rental and paid by someone at the university, this was confirmed by a school spokesman on ESPN. The spokesman Dave Williford said that the person is not a member of the athletics department but is definitely an employee at the school.

According to a statement by the Oregon State police Harris, 20 had been pulled over by an off duty cop who spotted him at around 4:35 a.m. PT speeding down Interstate 5 south of Albany, Ore. The officer clocked Harris and then pulled him over.

Harris has been cited for driving on what was found to be a suspended license and was also exceeding the speed limit in over 100 mph. The police said that he was driving a rental car. The employee who rented out the car said that she had given a friend who was licensed permission do drive the car after it was Harris’ friend who paid for the price of the rent in full. Football spreads

The woman speaking to KEZI-TV 9 said that she had documented proof that it was the friend’s payment that matches the payment to the car rental company. She said “So, I rented the car for my own purposes on Friday. Cliff Harris and his licensed friend, who showed me his license, asked to borrow it and paid me the full amount in cash that I paid for the rental,” “I do have a copy of my bank statement, showing two deposits Friday of $180 and $120,” the woman told the station. Basketball betting lines

The woman had told KEZI-TV 9 that she had befriended Harris over a period of months, but says that she isn’t related to him in any way. She had spoken at the station saying that she agreed to give Harris’ friend the automobile, but was unaware that it would be Harris driving the car. She was also unaware if he (the friend) was a football player in Oregon.

According to a report by KEKI-TV 9 there were two other members of the team in the car along with Harris when the car was pulled over. However this will affect Harris’ on field performance will be determined in coming weeks. Baseball betting lines

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