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The Turkish team has just recently reached a rather solid agreement to sign on the All Star guard Deron Williams provided that the lockout drags on but the Turkish team seems to have held off or at least seized its pursuit of Kobe Bryant the star of the Los Angeles Lakers according to a report overseas. Baseball scores

According to Turkey’s sports channel called NTV Spor on Monday the Besiktas basketball money has been held up with cases related to match fixing which has ripped through the Turkish soccer world which has forced the Besiktas to go outside for funding so that they can pursue NBA players who are frustrated with the lockout. Basketball scores

According to the Turkish channel NTV Spor the team was at first prepared to make an offer to Bryant for a monthly salary of $500,000, but according to the report Bryant is right now seeking a monthly salary of $1 million to join. According to sources who spoke to ESPN the overall deal with Williams’ is for $5 million. According to some media outlets Bryant’s agents and the Besiktas were in the process of exchanging financial figures prior to the soccer crisis in Turkey. NFL scores

From now on according to the NTV Spor report any moves to get American players onboard will require a very wealthy sponsor from outside. Now it remains to be seen if Bryant’s deal with the Turkish Airlines can help him lad something with the Besiktas or yet another Turkish Club so that he can have a temporary home should the now dragging lockout continue right into October and maybe even beyond.

Williams made a public tweet on Friday in which he posted a picture of the signed contract with the Besiktas. Now there has been no indication if the impending financial problems which faces the Besiktas owing to their soccer scandal will actually impact Williams and his deal with the team from Istambul club which has a history of facing FIBA sanctions as recently as back in 2009-10’s season for holding back payments of American Players Kevin Fletcher and Lonny Baxterand. But the deal that the Besiktas have offered both Bryant and Williams includes an out clause which allows for the players to get back to the NBA once the lockout ends.

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