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Football season is upon us, and there is no better time to check up on the stats than right now. While things have been exciting all over the nation, the NFC South has drawn a particular amount of attention. There are a number of talented teams in the division that never fail to yield quality results. As the season unfolds, they will all be fighting for wins. Baseball scores.

The top of the division is held by the Houston Texans. They have emerged as one of the best teams in the nation, delivering quality time and time again. They have given a few fantastic games to completely punish their opponents. Having already gone 3-2, the Texans are at a .600 win percentage this season. They will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend in what will surely be an enticing game. So, be sure to watch it. Basketball scores.

The second place spot in the division is taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars. This team has been doing fairly good this season, holding onto a promising position with their strong defensive plays. They faced the Buffalo Bills last week and won. This weekend, the Jacksonville team will be facing the Tennessee Titans. That will certainly be an exhilarating game that you can’t afford to miss. The Jags have gone 3-2, and stand at .600 as well so far. NFL scores.

Third place in the division is held by the Colts, who have brought determination and skill to the filed all season long. They faced off against the KC Chiefs last week and took the game. Now they will be facing off against the Washington Redskins this weekend. The Colts are also at 3-2 with a .600 win percentage. Everything that the team has done has been towards a winning record this season. So far, they have obtained that. Be sure and follow all your favorite teams at

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