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The American League has seen some of the greatest games this year. The end of the season is coming up, and the Division Playoffs are right around the corner. Here is a quick rundown of what has been going on across the nation.

The AL-East is in turmoil. Its lead has been held all year by the New York Yankees, but recently they are giving up ground to the Tampa Bay Rays. Things could get interesting between these two teams. They are both tied for the best record in the game, but the Rays have a distinct advantage. They have the best road record in the majors, a fact that could come into play in the next few days if the Yankees keep losing. They are missing their big name slugger; A-Rod is out on a 15 day DL that could prove to be disastrous for the team. Baseball Scores

The Central is headed up by the Minnesota Twins, who have been playing very solid baseball all year long. This team has done an amazing job of staying ahead of the competition, sticking it out in one of the toughest divisions. They are trailed by the Chicago White Sox, who were at the top of the division for a while, but fell to the Twins. Things for Chicago have been promising. They continue to have successes on the field. The finals in the division will be tough, as there is still a chance that the White Sox could take the lead if they win their next few games. Basketball Scores

The Al-West has been a fairytale for one team in particular. The Texas Rangers have played their best baseball ever, and are firmly in the lead of the division. No other team in the West has had as much success as the Rangers this year. They hold a great record in both home and away games.

The rest of the year will have some interesting results. Be sure and keep up on them at NFL Scores, home of the best sports betting information around.

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