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The chants and the cheers were so loud that it was hard to even hear yourself thinking when Adam Scott had walked towards the 18th green in order to complete a great command performance later on Sunday in the Bridgestone Invitational in order to win his first World Golf Championship. But in the rather surreal scene at Firestone it was not for him they were for the caddie Steve Williams. Football spreads

They shouted “Stev-ie Will-iams,” as the guy who was carring the bag broke out with a really cute smile. Football lines

The big celebration had made it clear that Steve Williams had felt vidndicated after he was fired last month by the star golfer Tiger Woods. The rather long interview after it was all over made it sound as if Williams was the one who shot the 5 under 65. At one point Williams also described himself as “good front-runner when I’m caddying.”

“I’ve caddied for 33 years — 145 wins now — and that’s the best win I’ve ever had,” he told CBS that this is from a guy who spent 12 years working for Woods after he had featured in 13 majors and helped him win 16 world titles among other 72 wins. The wins include the 2001 Masters when Woods had won an unprecedented fourth straight major. Football betting lines

Williams was clearly angry over exactly how and when Woods had cut him lose. He had even disputed Woods’ version of how it all happened saying that he was fired over the phone by Woods.

Scott said while laughing about all the attention that his caddie was getting “I can talk about Steve now and not Tiger,” “I’m sure there are a lot of other golfers who wouldn’t mind that, either.”

Woods had disputed that he fired his caddy face to face and not over the phone.

Williams said “I was told on the phone that we need to take a break, and in caddie lingo, that means you’re fired, simple as that,” “I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot, to be honest with you,” he said. “I’ve been incredibly loyal to the guy, and I got short-shifted. Very disappointed.”

Scott’s biggest threat was Ishikawa. Ishikawa had tried to become the youngest winner in American in the past 100 years but he couldn’t keep up with the hard hitting Scott who made two birdies on the back nine to build a big three shot lead.

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