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Point guard Baron Davis of New York Knicks made his practice appearance with the team Monday morning at their training court.

It was the first time Davis took part in a 5-on-5 scrimmage since signed with the Knicks on Dec. 20. Previously, he’d been mostly practicing one-on-one with the team’s coaching staff on his shooting, improving his power and recapturing his stamina afterwards suffering a herniated disk in his back. It was an injury that at one point severely limited his movements, but on Monday he had a very spirited approach on the court and whilst talking to the press. Betting lines

“It felt amazing,” Davis related, “in consideration of like three months back every time I came to the gym, I may barely walk or perhaps pass the ball when I was working out with my youngsters. It just felt great to be out there with the crew. I had a grin on my face. I simply wished to bring some heart and some joy. It’s been a long time arriving.”

Later, Davis said that he was rusty, as expected, and that “a lot of stuff” is missing at this time, talking about his timing, energy and acclimation. One factor he was happy with was his basketball affinity, being able to feel out the offense and generate some intelligent reads. Still though, Davis related it’s going to take a little time for him to adapt to Coach Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo and free-flowing style. Sports scores

“With the sophistication of our offense, and what Coach is requesting of us, all kinds of things is occurring so fast,” he claimed. “It just needs time and timing and pace in order to really get that rhythm. Once our offense catches up to our defense, we’re going to be ebullient, so I’m not actually anxious about our mark.”

Davis is considered as a major answer for the team’s offensive problems, as they are only averaging 94.3 points per game and power forward Amare Stoudemire is fighting from the field, shooting 41.3 %. Davis, whose career averages are 16.5 points and 7.3 helps per game, knows he can definitely help, but so far as when, that’s not yet been completed.

D’Antoni asserted there isn’t any calendar for Davis’ return. D’Antoni plans to ease him into the rotation, and he’ll monitor his advance in the next day or two with the team’s coaching team.

“The good is he’s back on the floor and then we start getting far better,” the head coach said. “But it will take a little while for him to get his mojo back or whatever it is. Though it was great, it was optimistic.”

Davis, in reality mulled retirement last summer while wrestling with his injury, but he was thrilled about the occasion to sign with the Knicks for an opportunity to battle for a championship.

Stoudemire is really happy to eventually have Davis back.

“Davis came out and did a great job today,” he said. “He’s worked so diligently this year. I saw him prepare all season, so it is phenomenal. His creativeness alone is something special, the way that he handles the ball, how he passes, how he sees the game.”

Baron knows the high expectancies placed on him. In reality they’ve been on every Knicks point guard – Toney Douglas, Iman Shumpert and Mike Bibby – since Chauncey Billups was released via the amnesty clause on Dec. 10.

On paper, Davis is the best out of the prevailing Knicks bunch. Is he up to the job? He revealed he is.

“I’m exceedingly confident that this season will definitely turn around,” he pronounced, “and we are going to hit our walk and we’re going to have the fans behind us, although they boo. They’re just passionate about winning. All we ask is for their benevolence and to keep supporting us, because the booing isn’t going to actually help us think thru things.”

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