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The New England Patriots new defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth has passed his physical conditioning test this morning according to a source who spoke to ESPN after he was seen practicing with the team a few hours after he passed the test. He was spotted with a No. 92 shirt in the morning walkthrough. Basketball lines

The Patriots had officially announced that they were acquiring Haynesworth earlier on Friday and when he wasn’t practicing on Sunday it had prompted some speculation that he may have not passed the condition test for the team. This being said the speculation was not unfounded since he is famous for repeatedly failing condition tests during his somewhat shaky tenure with the Redskins. Basketball betting lines

The speculation was also in part fueled by Coach Bill Belichick who wouldn’t answer a question relating to his defensive lineman. He was asked if Haynesworth actually passed the condition test and he replied There are things we still need to do with Albert for him to be able to get on the practice field, and when those things are done, he’ll be out there.”

Exactly how Haynesworth really fits into the defensive camp of the Patriots is a totally different story. Baseball odds

The director for the patriots player development program Nick Caserio spoke on Sunday saying “With any player, you’re trying to identify their strengths and their weaknesses, what they do well. The reality is that any player we bring into this program, they’re going to define what their role is going to be with their performance and what they do on the field,” “The more they can do, and they can execute those assignments and techniques, then they’ll be put in that position. He went on to describe Albert “Albert has been a good football player in this league. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s athletic, he’s a disruptive player. I think we’ve all taken the approach that if the guy is a good football player, we’ll find a way to use him, and in the end it’s up to the player to determine what his role is going to be moving forward.”

Time will tell exactly how Albert really fits in with the team and if his conditioning really lives up to what the Patriots need from him, the other question is how long will his conditioning last?

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