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The defensive lineman of the NFL Albert Haynesworth has now pleaded no contest to various charges of simple assault on Monday in order to resolve a case in which he has been formally accused of touching a waitress’ breasts while having a few rounds of drinks with friends in a hotel in Washington. Football scores

Albert Haynesworth has now been given a chance to get back into the game he loves so much after he completes 160 hours of community service as well as serves 18 months of his live without getting into trouble. The prosecution has now agreed to drop the charges completely if he agrees to these terms. Haynesworth who was recently traded from the Redskins to the New England Patriots has appeared in D.C.’s Superior Court in order to enter his plea. After the prosecution had read the fact the government would have proven at the trial in the case which includes that Haynesworth had slid his credit card right under the waitress’ shirt and also fondled her breasts, the judge then asked Haynesworth to respond. Baseball scores

He said “I do not contest the government’s proffer of facts on this charge,”

Originally the 30year old Haynesworth was facing rather serious charges of sexual abuse in this case which had stemmed from his visit to the W Hotel back in February. If he was convicted of that charge during the trial which would have begun on Tuesday he would have ended up facing six months in prison and a fine of up to $1000. But prosecutors had dropped the charge later on Monday as part of their plea agreement. Basketball scores

The judge has set a status hearing of the case later for Feb. 21st. The spokesperson for the NFL who said the incident is still under review was asked by if Haynesworth would be handed down any league punishment. But according to a source the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell is not expected to hand down any further punishment to the player. This means that he just needs to serve his community service and then get back into action. This can be considered a rather slight slap on the writs of Haynesworth who could have gotten into deeper trouble had he not agreed to the deal.

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