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Ervin Santana was looking great from his first pitch and it came full circle for him against the Cleveland Indians. Santana was the first to throw a solo no hitter for the Angeles in close to 27 years and has extracted a revenge which was long overdue over the Indians. This was probably the first no hitter at the Progressive Field  a park which opened back in 1994 as Jacobs Field and it marks a bit of role reversal for the righty who is 28 years old. Football scores

Santana had made his first major league debut on this field back on 17th March 2005 and was given a rude welcome by the Indians. The first batters he faced for the major league had gotten together to hit for the cycle, with Grady Sizemore leading with a triple. Then came Coco Crisp who doubled, Ben Broussard who homered and Travis Hafner who got a single. Baseball scores

He said “It’s part of life,” “We’re here today, we don’t know tomorrow.”

Santana came in and struck out ten of the batters with no runs, there were a few errors in the leadoff batter at the first inning and he walked in the eighth. There was just one time when Santana’s gem was in jeopardy and then the second baseman Howie Kendrick who saved it in the sixth. Basketball scores

This has been the third no hitter in the majors for this season yet it is a sign that this is another year in which the pitcher will lead. Santana was also hot in Cleveland with this time as he threw the first complete game with no it since it was 1984 and Mike Witt did the same against Texas.

Santana said that he had begun to believe that it was possible to get a no hitter as he headed into the eighth.

Santana said “Lots of guys get to five, six innings, but that’s when things get a little complicated,” Santana said.

Scioscia said “Do we have to talk about that one?”  he added “His command is like night and day,” “those guys were teeing off on him. He used that start as a stepping board.” “I’ve been pitching good against them,” “I just didn’t have any luck, but I got it today.”

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