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Fri, 13 Aug 2010 10:44 AM EDT

Buck Showalter has been great for the Baltimore Orioles, as the team has struck an unprecedented winning streak since he joined the ranks. They faced off on Tuesday against the Cleveland Indians in a game that gave them reason to keep going. It ended 14-8 after nine innings. Basketball lines.

The Orioles have acquired some new talent. Along with the addition of a new manager, the team is playing well. They have some amazing players, and tore up the opposition in the game. The hitting was amazing, and was coupled with outstanding fielding and pitching from Baltimore.

Felix Pie hit the first of four home runs by the Orioles, starting off the offensive onslaught. They really came through later in the game. Corey Patterson hit a home run in the sixth. Matt Wieters had a two-run shot, as Luke Scott hit another three-run drive during the Orioles’ six-run eighth. Basketball betting lines.

The team once considered one of the worst in the league has now improved to 7-1 under the expert guidance of Showalter. Really, this is no surprise, as he does have one of the most illustrious records as a team manager in the business. He has saved many teams from near failure, and led many more to massive victories. The hope for the Orioles is that they can finish 2010 in style, building a strong case for 2011. Baseball odds.

The Cleveland Indians have been struggling lately. Though they do have a better record than the Orioles, they have gotten trashed a few times in recent games.  The rest of their season looks good, but they need to improve their game if they plan to hold on to their strong place in the standings. Baltimore will be sure to finish much better than they hoped if they continue to perform as they have been.  However, baseball can change in a heartbeat, so keep yourself up to date at, home of the best sports betting information. You won’t miss a thing.

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