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Two bar employees at the bar where the LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and three of his teammates were accused of beating four people to the point of injury in a brawl at a local parking lot on Thursday have said that it was one of the victims who had thrown the first punch shortly after he had been escorted outside of the bar by the staff. NFL spreads

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the general manager of Shady’s Bar John Peak and the door manger Jordan Neldare have offered slightly different versions of the bar fight which differ in details according to the police report. Neldare had said that he was standing outside when he had witnessed the fight but was not interviewed by police yet. NFL lines

As of right now there have been no formal arrests made and there have been no charges filed about the incident but the Baton Rouge police have said that one of these alleged brawlers had three fractured vertebrae and was now in serious enough condition for the felony charge of the second degree to be brought on upon whoever had caused those injuries. NFL betting lines

Both the bar employees had said that Andrew Lowery who was identified by the police as being of the victims was asked to leave the bar at around 1:30 a.m. on Last Friday when he was harassing a young woman. But Lowery did not challenge Neldare and the two other members of the staff who had confronted him, but according to witnesses within a few minutes of walking out to the parking lot he was involved in a bar fight.

Peak who had interviewed the staff about what had transpired said “What we do know is that Lowery threw the first punch,” “That’s one thing we do know and we will attest to — and he had been kicked out of the bar.”

But Lowery said that he was running over to aid an unknown man who was been pulled from a pickup truck by men whom he thought were LSU football players. Lowery then told police that he was able to help the man back to his truck but was assaulted soon after by many people which included the LSU linebacker Josh Johns.

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