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The Chicago Bears took their first loss of the season. Now sitting on a 3-1 record, they will be looking to redeem themselves on Sunday against the lowly Carolina Panthers. The Bears have been playing great this year, with powerful plays that have completely knocked their opponents out. They are facing the Panthers, and hoping to deliver a win to keep going strong this season. Having already kicked off with a superb start, the Chicago team will do their best. Baseball scores.

The Panthers have not had the best season. Losing all their games thus far, they completely let their fans down. Though they have similar numbers as the Bears in terms of total yards, 334.2 to 332.2, there are big differences when you analyze the players and their performances. The Panthers haven’t the defensive power that the Bears do, nor have they been able to push as hard on the offense.

The Bears will most likely steamroll the Panthers. It will be a total massacre on the field on Sunday. The only chance that the Carolina team has is to play a near perfect game, pass accurately and run the ball aggressively. It will be a hard thing to do against such seasoned and experienced players like those on the Chicago team, but Carolina will have to do something to avoid a 0-5 record. While the odds are stacked against them, anything can happen. Basketball scores.

As in all sports, the human element is what makes it interesting, keeping people coming back time and time again for more. NFL scores.

Chicago is the favorite by far. They simply have too good of a team this year to fail against the Panthers. If everything goes the way they want, they will be up 4-1 in no time. Be sure and follow it all at

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