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The Chicago Bears will be facing off against the lowly Carolina Panthers on Sunday. It will be a very lopsided game, as the two teams have completely different play styles. Quite frankly, the Bears are the better team. Chicago was one of the only teams up at 3-0 earlier this season, but they committed a vital defensive mistake and lost their most recent game. Leaving their quarterback out unprotected cost them their first loss. However, they have removed much of the threat from the Panthers. Their all time leading sacks taker is now on their side, and will be ripping the Panthers apart. Odds.

If the Bears manage to keep their heads down and focus on completing their plays, this will be one of those games that goes down as one of the more one-sided wins. They have a large advantage over the Panthers because their offensive line is just that much better. Chicago has taken 289 yards average per game with 220 passing and 68.0 yards rushing. Scores.

The Panthers stand at 258 yards total, with 155 passing and 103.3 rushing.  Defensively there is an even bigger difference. Chicago has 332.3 yards given up, 255.3 passing and 77 rushing yards allowed. Their ground defense is by far better. Las Vegas odds.

The Panthers have 334.3 yards, 220.8 passing yards and 113 rushing yards allowed. The teams have a bit of a different approach, which has truly been reflected in their stats for the season. The Bears play a rough game, and they will be looking to overpower the Panthers. It may work, as an all out assault like that often takes lesser teams by surprise. The Panthers will have to give it their best. Carolina is well aware that they need to get a win sometime this season. Be sure and follow it all at

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