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Though the New York Yankees are through to the postseason, they lost their last game against the Red Sox. However, Boston had no massive celebration, just another victory, and they bowed out. They will not go on to the postseason. The winners in the AL-East were the Rays and the Yankees. These teams have batted it out for the past few months, with the Rays finally taking the division. The game on Sunday ended 8-4 after nine innings. Football betting lines.

The Red Sox put on a good last show. This is a team that is strong right down to the bitter end. Boston has been plagued by injuries that cost them many games, setting them back right from the get go. Boston never gave in, and instead battled on. They played their way to a solid second place in the AL-East. The Rays, who were in hot pursuit of the division lead, passed them up in the end. Basketball odds.

The game on Sunday was a good measure of how well the Red Sox are playing. They managed to put away the Yankees, one of the best teams in the nation, with relative ease. The pitching was phenomenal, as the team with the most hits in the game couldn’t get a hold of much. John Lackey (14-11) struck out 10 in 7 2-3 innings for the Red Sox. Basketball spreads.

At the plate, they took the Yankees for a spin, doing some serious damage to them in the sixth inning. Mark Teixeira scored his major league-leading 113th run to help lift the team to victory. Nick Swisher also homered. It was a unique collaborative effort from the Boston team. However, it was not enough, they were not even close to beating the Yankees in the placement race for the postseason. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at

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