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The New England Patriots hired former Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to a position on their coaching staff, coach Bill Belichick related Monday.

Daboll, who started his NFL training career in 2000 with the New England Patriots and was with the team thru the 2006 season, will reunite with several former coaching colleagues, including offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

“I don’t really have any farther comment on it, but I’ll just put it out there now that we are in the process of bringing Brian Daboll back onto our staff,” Belichick said. “As soon as we get that worked out, he’ll be part of our coaching staff going forward; similar to what Josh [McDaniels] did last year, but without any specific responsibility at this time.”

The 37-year-old Daboll started his work with the New England Patriots as a defensive assistant in the 2000 and 2001 seasons before moving to a role as wide receivers coach, which he held from 2002 to 2006.

Daboll was hired by Eric Mangini when he took the head-coaching job with the New York Jets in 2007, serving as his quarterbacks coach for 2 seasons. Mangini, who also worked his way up the NFL coaching ladder with the Patriots, brought Daboll with him to the Cleveland Browns in 2009 when he was named the coach there, and Daboll was tabbed as his offensive coordinator, a position he held for 2 seasons.

Daboll served as the Miami Dolphins’ offensive coordinator during the 2011 season and most recently as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator in the 2012 season.

The New England Patriots brought together with a former assistant in the playoffs last season too, as McDaniels was hired after being released from his contract with the St. Louis Rams. He was brought on board as an offensive assistant before replacing Bill O’Brien as the offensive coordinator when he took the head-coaching job at Penn State.

“It’s great to have Brian back,” McDaniels claimed. “He’s a very good football coach, very knowledgeable. Can certainly and will actually help us in probably lots of alternative ways. Certainly having another set of eyes that have experience and a lot of understanding of our system and how we go about doing things is only a positive for us and can help our football team going forward. I’m looking forward to doing that with Brian. Football odds

“Last year when I came back, just really did anything they asked me to do. I was excited to do it. Anything you can do to help at this time of year is helpful. Whether that’s drawing practice cards or sitting in a meeting and having a few ideas on a certain scenario in a game plan or anything like that over the course of a week, everything is so important. Every detail is so critical at this time of year, and having another good football coach on your staff to help is nothing but beneficial for us.”

McDaniels was a target for teams this offseason that have worked to fill their head-coaching vacancies but, despite of the interest, turned down interview requests to stay with the Patriots.

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