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The Cleveland Browns will be facing off against the Panthers in a game on Sunday that is certainly an opportunity for them to take another solid game this season. Though the Browns have been shaken up pretty bad, they have also had several moments of brilliance. They are coming into this match-up the favorites, as the Panthers are one of the worst teams in the nation.  NFL betting lines.

The Browns play well when they are on point. They have been badly rocked for the most part, and currently sitting at 3-7. However, that is still miles ahead of where the Panthers are at. Both teams will aim to deliver their very best on Sunday, but when considering each team’s progress this year, you can almost guarantee that the Panthers will lose this one. The fact that the Browns have taken out a number of the best teams in the nation with their renewed offensive strategies also bodes well for them. They are more likely to crush the Panthers into a bloody pulp. Football odds.

The Browns are coming in allowing 20.6 points per game. They will need to tighten their defensive game up a bit, and do their best to lock the Panthers down. They have been doing much better on the offensive as of late, pulling their average up to a solid 19.2 points per game. They have relied on sacks, interceptions and turnovers, rushing the opponent’s QB to get in his face. The Browns play a very physical game, and will be looking to simply run the Panthers into the dirt. Football spreads.

You can expect an exhilarating game. The Panthers seem to be pretty weak this year. They have permitted 25.2 points per game through their defensive, while only managing to take 11.7. The only way that they will win against the Browns is by completely keeping the ball away from them. Be sure and follow up on all the absolute best sports betting information at

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