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Bryan Stow the fan of the San Francisco Giants who was nearly beaten to death by a few angry Dodgers fans has shown some signs that his health is improving. Football scores  Bryan has been in a coma for quite some time now and his doctors said that he had suffered a severe concussion. He was brutally beaten during the opening day of the stadium and can how lift his legs and arms as well as respond to a number of commands according to his family via their website. The side read “He lifted his left leg slightly when asked, he raised his left arm every time we asked if we could hold his hand,”

The website went on to say “best part” was when Stow’s sister Bonnie asked if she could give him a kiss and “every time she asked him, he puckered his lips.”

Stow is currently in the San Francisco hospital and has suffered severe brain damage in the assault that the doctors have termed as near fatal. He was experiencing some setbacks from his recovery just last month and had to undergo an emergency brain procedure after he suffered from a thirty second seizure. It may have probably been that quick thinking from the doctors which has now resulted in Stow showing improvement in terms of movement and responding to commands. Baseball scores

This news now comes at the same day when the two men who were accused of beating him had pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges which were levied against them in a Los Angeles court. Both 30 year old Marvin and 29 year old Louie Sanchez have also been charged with assault, mayhem, battery as well as other counts all to which they plead not guilty. Amazingly these guys may actually get off if the proof does not hold up in court, since much of the proof has yet to be released to the public it will be interesting to see what the police have against them. Basketball scores

Both the San Francisco Giants and the Dodgers have done their best over these past few months to ensure that Bryan Stow gets the best treatment. They also raised money for his expenses something which his family says was very helpful.

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