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Carlos Beltran has finally accepted to trade and go over to play for the San Francisco Giants as he leaves New York Mets to join the team who did a lot to get him on board. The Mets got a 24 hour window in which to negotiate the deal for the All Star outfielder regarding his no trade clause. But just shortly after their 8-2 win over the Reds yesterday night, Beltran got back to the clubhouse and told everyone that he was joining the Giants in Philadelphia. Vegas odds

Angel Pagan the Mets outfielder said “He came over and shook everybody’s hands and said thank you,” “We were very happy for him. He’s going to be with a team that’s a contender.”

The Giants are going to finish their series in Philadelphia later on Thursday night prior to flying over to Cincinnati for three game series later this weekend as they leave Beltran with a back and forth trip. The good thing is that his new teammates were eager to have in onboard. Betting lines

Brian Wilson the closer for the Giants said “Having a guy like Beltran obviously adds a lot of positive energy,” “With that kind of hitter, you’re going to start seeing guys in front of him, guys hitting behind him, getting more pitches.”

Right now the All Star hitter as the option to go forth and block any deal since he is a 14 year vet who spent many of his seven seasons in New York which gives him 10 and 5 rights. According to sources that spoke to ESPN Beltran would opt to wave his no trade clause after both the Giants and Mets reach an agreement about the deal. Sports scores

As part of the financial package for both Beltran and his new team it would include Zack Wheeler according to sources. In order to complete the deal the Mets will need to pickup four million dollars out of $6.5 million which Beltran left on the contract.

The Mets said in a recent statement that “While we have been engaged in discussions, we’re not in position to comment at this time,”

Terry Collins said “Everyone here has anticipated it, whether we like it or not,” “We knew it was going to happen. We’ve talked about it for the last 10 days. So we’ll find out tomorrow.”

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