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The Boston Celtics were hammered in a game on Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They were taken apart at the seams and completely destroyed. The game was a classic example of what happens when two very powerful teams meet on the court. The Cavs played a near perfect game, managing to keep the Boston Celtics under control with a bit of quality basketball that set the tone for their season. It all came to an end at 95-87 after the regulation time. Basketball lines.

The Cavs have been rocking out, and are set to deliver a quality season. If they can keep playing like they did on Wednesday, they will be able to start off with quite the sturdy lead. They gave gold against the powerful Celtics, who are looking to deliver a promising season themselves. They kept their heads down and focused on a strong offensive, not letting the new and improved Celtics beat get to them. J.J. Hickson scored 21 points, while Daniel Gibson added 16 to the game. Basketball betting lines.

These two remarkable players teamed up with the rest of the Cavs to demonstrate that even without two time MVP LeBron James, they can still reign victorious. Baseball odds.

The season opener is an important game for any team. The Celtics took their game against the Miami Heat, showing that they mean business. Despite that feat, the Boston team was not prepared for the ferocity that came from the Cavs in this game. There is a lot of hope for the Cavaliers this season. If they pull themselves together and focus, they will be able to deliver a great record, and take the season by storm. The Celtics need to focus on their defensive game, as the Cavs were able to cut right though them. Be sure and follow up on all the best sports betting information at

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