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The Miami Heat were slammed by the Boston Celtics in a game on Thursday. They completely came apart against the Boston team, and it was a great example of how experience comes into play in the NBA. Boston has had the same crew playing together for a while now, and the results were evident. The Miami Heat had no answer for the Celtics superior advances. The game ended 112-107 after regulation time. Baseball scores.

The Celtics were in control the entire game, and they led the Heat around the court as if on a leash. They were superior, both offensively and defensively. With the win, they moved to 7-2 in the season, and are looking better and better as things progress. Ray Allen was amazing. It was as if playing the Heat made him play better. He nailed 35 points, 7 three pointers, and helped beat the Paul Pierce added 25 points and Rajon Rondo had 16 assists, adding to his NBA-leading total. Basketball scores.

The Celtics have taken 13 of the past 14 games against the Heat, and are looking very solid. Kevin Garnett had 16 points and 13 rebounds for Boston, which led by as many as 20. NFL scores.

The Miami Heat had nothing to say to the punishment the Celtics were dishing up. Haslem had 21 points and 10 rebounds for Miami, which got 15 points from Bosh and 13 from Eddie House. The team has been going through some growing pains lately, and is looking a little defeated on the court. They will need to make efforts to improve their defensive side, and make strides to play better together. It will make a huge difference, but at the moment, they are looking pretty ineffective, when they need to be winning. Be sure and follow up at

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