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The Denver Nuggets now have a serious issue on their hands. Everybody is comparing their current performance, with the one they had before Carmelo’s departure. But it seems that the Nuggets are coping very well, and after their game against the Charlotte Bobcats, they have won 4 out of 5 games. Odds.

“I know the other team doesn’t know how we’re going to score because I don’t know how we’re going to score. But we do score. Nice problem,” George Karl, Denver Nuggets coach, stated.

The Nuggets have become a team that performs great as a unit. That fact was made evident by the way they played in the first quarter. Everybody wanted to score and everybody wanted to defend. It was a stunning play from them as they outscored their opponents, 23-31. However, the Nuggets knew they had to keep it up if they wanted to break the Bobcats.

“They’re playing more open,” Stephen Jackson stated. “I think they have four or five guys on the court that are aggressive instead of waiting for ‘Melo to shoot all the balls. They’re playing with two point guards, so they’re making plays and everybody is getting shots. They’re not depending on one guy to score.” Scores.

The Nuggets kept playing like they did in the first quarter, and they never lost the lead. Yep, not even once in this game. They were ahead from the first seconds and they kept being ahead until the final second. They showed tremendous strength and determination as they outmatched the Bobcats.

“Were playing together and we’re winning right now,” Ty Lawson stated. “That’s fun for everybody. There’s no sticky hands out there. We’re passing the ball, getting everybody involved. It feels a lot better when everybody is happy. The bigs are happy. The wings are happy. Everybody is touching the ball, and that’s the way basketball should be played.”

The Nuggets kept at it and, even though they’ve put a lot of effort into this one, they never even looked tired. In fact, they looked like they were actually having tremendous fun. They kept adding to their lead in the third quarter, and the Bobcats looked like team with a broken spirit. Las Vegas odds.

The Bobcats finally broke down in the fourth quarter and they didn’t even look like wanting to limit the proportions of the score. That led to a crushing defeat as the final score was set at 80-120.

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