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A tremendous team effort allowed the Chicago Bulls to grab a win at Milwaukee against the Bucks. Luol Deng and Joakim Noah were particularly effective as they led the Bulls to victory. Noah has had thumb surgery and has only played for the last three games, but his form is showing tremendous improvement and he proves to be an important asset for the Bulls. Vegas odds.

The Chicago Bulls couldn’t really get their defense going in the first quarter and the Bucks were all over them. However, some nice shooting allowed them to keep close and not go too far down. Milwaukee were a bit better and they managed to get into a comfortable position by the end of it. The Bulls were on the wrong end of a 4 points deficit and the score was 21-25.

“We are getting into a nice rhythm now that everyone is back,” Derrick Rose stated. “Noah has come back and really helped us. I think we can get nothing but better as the season goes along.”

However, the Bulls showed intense determination in the second quarter and their defense practically ruled the playing field. The offense wasn’t that great, but with their net secured, the Bulls went on and effectively erased the deficit to tie the game at half time. The score was 39-39 and the game was open. Betting lines.

“I like our team. Every night you get it from somebody different,” Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls coach, stated. “Both units are playing well right now. We still have to clean some things up, but I think the consistency is there now.”

The third quarter was absolutely perfect for the Bulls. They managed to keep their second quarter momentum and they heavily outscored their opponents. This time, it wasn’t only the defense that was working miracles. The offense also had something to say about it as they beat the Bucks to a pulp. The score for the third quarter was 31-20, which brought the overall score to 70-59. The Bulls knew that if they kept this going, they could win the game.

“The more I’m out on the court, the better I feel and the more energy I have,” Noah stated. “The longer we get to play together, I think we are going to find out how good we can be as a team.”

The Bulls kept their defense going and managed to keep their opponents down to 16 points. However, they didn’t manage to score all that much either, but it was enough to secure a 83-85 win. Sports scores.

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