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The Indianapolis Colts will be playing against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in what will prove to be a great game. Things have been good for the Colts, and despite two losses, they have posted a number of stunning victories. The Chiefs have had a good start to the season as well, giving a few impressive numbers as the season kicks off. Vegas odds.

Both teams have strong defensive and offensive lines, as well as the ability to complete cunning plays. The Colts are 2-2, while the Chiefs are 3-0. Both teams have solid yardage under their belts. The Colts may have the upper hand during the game however, as the last time they faced off, back in ’07, they took the game 13-10. Betting lines.

Sunday will be the perfect chance for the Colts to get back on their feet. However, they will have to watch out for the new and improved Chiefs, who have been delivering better games than usual. The Kansas City team has gone to a 3-0 start on the back of impressive plays from their team. The management and players are all on the same page, and ready to get the work done. The Colts boast a 69% pass completion average, while the KC team has a 54% average. Numbers like this are very important. Sports scores.

The difference may very well be that the Colts will complete more passes, out hustle the Chiefs and score on the long ball. Having a superior aerial game, they will most likely put it to good use during the game. No better way to avoid a turnover or a brutal rush than to get the ball 60-70 yards up the field and in the hands of a very competent runner. Be sure and follow the game at

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