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The Colts will be facing off against the Eagles in a game on Sunday that will set the tone for the rest of their season. The Colts have been solid this year, as everyone thought they would. The Eagles have come to power as one of the most spontaneous teams around, producing really great results this year. At the moment, it looks like the game will go to the Colts, who are in a better position than the Eagles. Whichever way it sways, the game will most definitely be an exciting one. Football betting lines.

The Eagles have been using Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb as their main offensive weapons, and during this game, they are both ready to go. However, the Eagles would be wise to face the reality that they are in no way the favorites during this game. They have gone 0-2 against the Colts in the past, and are on a weaker run this year as well. They are coming into the game on a 4-3 record, and have been a bit weaker on the defensive than the Colts. Philadelphia has been giving up 22.4 points per game, while taking 24.6 points per game on the offensive side of things. Basketball odds.

The Colts are coming in on a 5-2 record, and will push for a very sturdy game. This team has allowed 20.3 points per game on the defensive, while managing to take an impressive 27.6 points per game this season. They have better passing, stronger defense and a superior running game. Manning has more passing yards than Vick and Kolb together, and is looking to cut their defense down to size. Basketball spreads.

The game will be a great measure of just how well these teams are really doing. You can expect them to deliver their very best. Be sure and follow it all at

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