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The showdown between the Cowboys and the Texans ended with a bang. The Cowboys, against all the odds and their current record, took the win. It was a tough game between the two teams. Dallas asserted their superiority, as the Houston Texans took a loss. The game ended 27-13 after the regulation time. Odds.

The Cowboys played a fantastic game. They delivered very solid performances during the game, showing that despite a rough first two weeks, the team is still a force to be reckoned with. The Texans have had a superb start to their season, and looked good going into the game. Though their players were on what looked like better ground, the Cowboys reversed the game to take a much-needed, well deserved win. Scores.

It was the first victory of the season for Tony Romo, who had a quite satisfying game. To prove himself on point and accurate, he delivered many brilliant passes. He threw two touchdown passes to Roy Williams, after which Marion Barber ran for another score. It was a collaborative effort that shut the Texans down, and silenced all the critics. Romo went 23 for 30 for 284 yards, while Williams caught five passes for 117 yards. Las Vegas odds.

The team came together to give what many of their fans have been waiting for. While the Cowboys are traditionally one of the stronger teams in the league, this year they got off to a rocky start. If they can keep playing at this level though, a satisfying and exciting year is what will be in store for them. They now have a toe-hold, and will surely gain ground quite rapidly as things progress.

The Texans (2-1) blew their chance to not only go 3-0 for the first time, but also to gain a foothold in their own state. Since the Cowboys have always hogged the attention from the fans and media, this would have been a particularly enticing feat for them. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at

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