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Dan Uggla was pretty quick to play the yes man and acknowledge that he never thought that he would have been hitting a streak which stretched to 33 games. This is his longest streak in five years. He was around 0 for 33 with just one RBI on Sunday. Uggla said “That’s more games than I thought I would ever have,” but the end of one streak means the start of another as the Chicago Cubs seem to be on a streak. The Cubs have certainly stopped Uggla’s streak dead in its tracks and have rallied for a four run deficit in order to beat the Atlanta Braves 6-5 this Sunday for their fourth straight win the in the series. The Cubs have won 11 of the 14 games that they have played. Football spreads

The best chance for Uggla to extend his streak had come in the fifth innings. The second baseman Darwin Barney had made a great catch off the ball from Uggla in the shallow right field. Football lines

Speaking of Uggla’s catch Barney said “I wasn’t even looking at him,” “I was looking at Colvin and I was like ‘Oh, it’s going to drop in front of him.’ And the next thing you know Barney comes flying through.”

Barney said that this catch was very important owing to Uggla’s streak. Football betting lines

He said “Because of the circumstances and all that, I’m pretty happy about it,”  “It was a good streak for him. He’s a great player. But I think our pitchers are happy. They take a lot of pride in that, and I’m happy for them.”

Uggla said  “The streak is one thing. I’m more disappointed in the loss,” “It was a fun run but all things have got to come to an end sometime. I had fun with it. We had a nice, little roll as a team and we’re looking to get back on track tomorrow.”

This was the longest streak in the majors since back in 2006 when the Philadelphia’s Chase Utley had a comfortable 35 game streak. Then Philadelphia’s Jimmy Rollins also had a 38 game streak which started in 2005 and carried on until 2006.

Freidi Gonzalez the manager for the Braves said “For me, it’s impressive,” “It was a streak where at any given time Chipper (Jones) wasn’t in the lineup and Brian McCann wasn’t in the lineup, and Uggla carried us. That was impressive.”

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