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The unknown Division-III player Jacob Tucker, managed to earn his 15 minutes of fame by dunking a series of energetic throw downs during the NCAA Dunk Contest. Scores.

The 5-foot-11 guard from Illinois College amazed everybody in the Houston competition by pulling off a set of mouth-openning dunks.

His journey began on Thursday with a YouTube audition video that became a viral sensation. Tucker started off with a perfect score of 50 in the first round with a through-the-legs finish off of the bounce. He was the only dunker to nail a 50 in the first round, and that scored him some advantage on his second attempt where he managed to slam a cartwheel and grab the ball all in one motion, but missed the dunk. With the time running out, he still pulled off something kind of simple, yet complex enough to get him to the semifinals.

His semifinals’ rival was UNC-Asheville’s John Williams who really gave him some competition. That’s when it got really interesting, as Tucker first made two tries at a under-the-legs 360 degrees jam, but couldn’t pull it off.

He’d later have a chat with ESPN’s Holly Rowe and told him that the previous attempt was his original back-up option, but went for it first since that dunk had never been done in the NCAA competition. Then, he returned to the first choice, which proved to be the big time winner. Las Vegas odds.

Nathan Kohler, his teammate/dunk assistant at the competition stood just off to the corner of the board with the ball held over his head. Tucker came in rushing from the right, jumped over Kohler (also 5-11) grabbed the ball and threw in a two-handed reverse slam. He scored a 49.

Tucker, who averaged a modest 14.8 points and an impressive-given-his-height 7.1 boards a game this season for the Illinois Blueboys. Jacob appeared silent during the entire night while waiting his shot on the sidelines. The guy finally shook-off a bit after his title-clinching dunk. Vegas odds.

And to finish up (with the cherry on top), Jacob Tucker wasn’t awarded with a ridiculous, old-fashioned, 2-feet tall trophy. Instead, Tucker was presented with a custom-made, WWE-style belt. Undoubtedly a great way of ingeniously awarding a slam dunk champ!

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