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Everybody expected a Dallas Mavericks uncontested win when they went head to head against the Washington Wizards on Sunday. The Mavericks have an amazing track record this season, they are, without a doubt, one of the best teams in the NBA, while the Washington Wizards are having a terrible season and they are one of the worst teams this season. However, the Wizards were playing at home, and their fans can really crank up the volume when it is needed. Basketball scores.

As it sometimes happens when the strong meet the weak, the Mavericks underestimated the Wizards in the first quarter and they were matched shot per shot. The Dallas players were unable to keep a good lead and they were leading by only one point when the first quarter ended. The score was 23-22 and it looked like we could have another surprise on our hands.

“We didn’t do a good job slowing the game down there when we had some leads,” Nowitzki stated. “We just kept on chucking, missed a couple shots, put them in transition and they were right back in it.” Basketball odds.

But it looked like the Mavericks had learned their lesson and upped their game in the second quarter. However, it was not the difference you would expect between these two teams. The Wizards managed to hold their own and even take the lead a few times. However, the Mavericks quickly came back and their performance from the second quarter was top notch. The score was 36-27, which brought the overall score to 59-49.

“Obviously we were disappointed in the way we finished that ballgame, but hey, we got out of here with a win,” Terry stated. “This is a stretch where we have games where, let’s be blunt, we should win.”

But their good performance from the second quarter made the Mavericks just a little bit overconfident. The Wizards took advantage of that and managed to get really close. However, the difference in class was evident and the Mavericks always came back. The Wizards outscored their opponents, but not by enough to win the game. The score for the third quarter was 19-23, and the overall score was 78-72. Basketball spreads.

Unfortunately for them, the Wizards couldn’t take advantage of their momentum and they were unable to surpass their opponents. Both teams managed to grab the lead but it was the Mavericks who looked more determined and eventually won it, 105-99.

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