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The second game of the night took place in Salt Lake City’s EnergySolutions Arena, home of the Utah Jazz. The Denver Nuggets were the visitors, and so much has been said about their performance after trading Carmelo that it would be useless to further discuss the matter here. No matter the circumstances, this one was always going to be close. Odds.

The first quarter started with the Denver Nuggets being the better team. Their defense was outstanding and the job was being done on the offense. The Utah players looked up to the challenge, but there were few things they could have done in the first quarter. The score was 30-23.

“We were attacking on screen-and-rolls the whole fourth quarter,” Lawson stated. “They were in the bonus early so I was determined to get it to the basket and get to the line, because free throws are the easiest way to score.” Scores.

The Jazz managed to level the playing field in the second quarter but they weren’t able to level the score. The teams looked equal in strength and matched each other shot per shot. They both showed defensive weaknesses, but the Nuggets still had the advantage they created in the first quarter. The teams managed to score 28 points each, which brought the overall score to 58-51.

“We were just so happy to run off this court with a win, because we haven’t been able to do that here very often over the years,” Lawson, which managed 23 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal for the Nuggets, stated.

The Nuggets broke down in the third quarter and it was Jazz’s turn to ask some questions. They ran at their opponents and managed to work a beautiful defensive play which rendered the Nuggets useless. The Jazz finally managed to get the lead, it was a slender one, but at least they were ahead.

“On defense, we got the stops when we needed to. That was the key,” Affalo stated.

The fourth quarter was both spectacular and dramatic. The Nuggets played their best and eventually managed to take the lead. However they never managed to distance themselves and they could have paid dearly in the final seconds of the game. Andrei Kirilenko was inches away of tying the game with just a couple of seconds left on the clock. But he cracked and was unable to take the shot, which allowed the Nuggets to win this one, 103-101. Las Vegas odds.

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