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On Saturday, the Arizona Diamondbacks started off on an exciting note. They retired their most famous player, Louis Gonzales, who single-handedly won the 2001 World Series with a clutch hit in game 7.  However, that was not the only twist, as Chris Young came through with some amazing hitting. He opened the game with a homer, and also drove in the winning run. Football odds.

The stadium was charged as the D-Backs strode onto the field; they certainly upheld the expectations of their fans. Arizona took out the San Diego Padres in a game that ended 6-5. It was a game speckled with brilliance, superb plays, and great baseball.

The Diamondbacks don’t lack a great following. Despite being the last placed team in the game, they have some great players and always deliver a fantastic game for their fans. The stadium sold out to see the legendary Gonzalez, and they were rewarded with a spectacular nine innings of quality ball. Football spreads.

Young hit a closing homer. Adam LaRoche started things off with a single, and Rusty Ryal came in with another one right behind him. After Hester slammed yet another run, the D-Backs were up 5-0. They ran into some trouble when they Padres gained some runs on them. However, the Arizona came through strong, slamming home the runs in a memorable fashion. Football lines.

The Padres have been sliding recently. They are one of the top teams in the Western Division, but injuries have set them back in recent weeks. Things have gotten grim for them lately; they still have a chance to come back, all they need to do is win some more games. The Diamondbacks have no hope of placing in the Playoffs, but they will be sure to have some serious fun in the rest of the season.  Be sure to follow all the best sports betting data on the internet at

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