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Colt McCoy first picked up his cellphone and called up Brett Favre assuming that one of his idols may probably help him out. The quarterback managed to get more assistance from Brows Favre then he could wish for. Vegas odds

He said “He said, ‘Yeah, come down tonight,’ ” “That didn’t happen.”

But unknown to him McCoy had purchased a plane ticket and flew over to Mississippi and met with Favre who had picked him u p at the airport and then spent a number of days with him schooling the young quarterback of Cleveland on the finer points of the West Coast offense, this was something the three time NFL MVP had mastered in his 20 pro seasons. Betting lines

The following the practice on Tuesday McCoy had described in great detail the time he had shared this summer with Favre and who seems to have finally retired for good after he or isn’t he season. According to McCoy the quarterbacks and the graying gunslinger and his protégé had immersed their time  in nothing but football. Sports scores

McCoy said “He’s an outstanding guy and I learned a lot, ” “so I was thankful for him being open to me even coming down there. It’s the first time we had met. It was a lot of fun.”

When asked about him being a quarterback McCoy said “We didn’t even go there,” “We talked football. We stayed up late and worked out and he really helped me. For a guy who has played in some versions of the West Coast for 20 years, he’s a great resource to have and I appreciated him being willing to spend a couple of days with me and help me out with some things.”

Now because McCoy was not allowed to have any contact with the first year Brows coach Pat Shurmur or any of the assistants he was looking for someone who coach him. McCoy was able to get a copy of the Shurmur’s playbook at a one year day break in the labor strife. But without the help he needed to explain stuff to him hit would have been useless. This has probably helped him become a much better player something we should see pan out when he starts playing.

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