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The Dodgers proved once again that they are more than a one trick pony as they took down the formidable Giants without one of their star players. Winning without Manny Ramirez blasting away home runs left and right, the Dodgers showcased their reserves, and why showed they are one of the better teams this season. Vegas odds.

the Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 4-2 on Tuesday night after Ramirez injured his hamstring, and James Loney hit a go-ahead, two-run single in the fifth inning. Without Ramirez, many people would assume that the Dodgers would crumble; this however was not the case. The team rallied and pulled off the victory.

The batting was simply on spectacular, Loney in particular, had a major part in the victory. He had an RBI single in the first, the play on which Ramirez was hurt. The Dodgers gave John Ely plenty of support throughout the game, to claim the victory and further fuel one of the West Coast’s most storied rivalries. Vegas odds.

Ramirez will not play on Wednesday, pending a MRI to verify damage to his hamstring. He pulled it running bases early in the game, and proceeded to leave the field. There is no speculation as to how long he will be out; the only thing that is for certain is that he is hurt. Ramirez certainly wouldn’t leave a game for anything, unless it was serious. Betting lines.

Kemp replaced Ramirez on the bases and then took over in center field, he managed to hold his own, and provide support where it was needed in order for the Dodgers to win the game. The only thing that is certain is that the Dodgers have shown depth and adaptability as a team, which is something that is very important. Be sure and follow the Dodgers as they continue to thrash their opponents, all throughout the season on, home of the best betting data on the internet.

Nationals Outscore Braves 7-2

Strasburg moved over to let former pitcher Craig Stammen redeem himself. After a few games that were subpar, management decided to let the young man take a night off to focus on what’s ailing him, fix it, and come back strong. In the meantime, they called Stammen up from the Minors to win the game from them last night.

Stammen pitched 7 strong innings to lead the Nationals past the Atlanta Braves 7-2 on Tuesday night. Certainly a better performance than young Strasburg has had recently; this is the first win for the Nationals in a while now. Perhaps the team feels more confident with their old pitcher back. Everyone knows what’s going on and the game has a better flow.

But the pitching wasn’t the only thing that was solid, the batting was also superb as the Washington Nationals broke a 5 game losing streak on Tuesday. Following the 5-0 defeat they had on Monday, it must have felt pretty good to turn things around. Stammen said in a post game interview that he had several things to prove, and that he is certainly qualified to pitch in the Majors.

Stammen allowed five hits, struck out four and walked two in a much needed victory. The Nationals are a good team; it just seems that recently there has been much discord amongst the players. They had their flow back tonight, it was as if they were a different team altogether. Manager for the Washington Nationals, Jim Riggleman, said Stammen showed heart, and he was impressed by the redeeming performance. Oh, and he appreciated the win as well.

According to members of the Braves, there was no hitting Stammen on Tuesday; he kept the routine sufficiently spiced up so no one could get a read on him. Using all his pitches to the best of his ability and shutting the Braves down. Perhaps the Washington Nationals can correct their course and head for the postseason. Be sure and follow all your favorite MLB teams on, home of the hottest action on the net.

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