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The Miami Dolphins are set to play the Bengals on Sunday, and are looking to deliver a very high quality game. They will look to recover form their loss to the Steelers(5-1). If they can focus on their game, they will be able to take home a worthy win. The Cincinnati Bengals will be looking to play a great game as well. At the moment, things look good for Sunday. Vegas odds.

Both teams will be pushing for a win, and with such high quality football being played these days, you can expect a solid performance from them. The Dolphins lost their last game by one point to the Steelers, and have had a decent run at things so far. There will be many things that come into play on Sunday. The Dolphins will have a tough game ahead of them, as the Bengals are pushing for a win, no matter what. Betting lines.

The game will be played in Cincinnati, forcing the Dolphins to bone up on their away game status. Though the season is still in the early games, there are many benefits to coming through with a sturdy start. Having put forth a few impressive numbers, the Cincinnati team will be looking to play the long ball against the Dolphins. Sports scores.

Miami has several holes in their defense that an opportunistic team could easily take advantage of. If they really press, the Bengals could crush the Dolphins to walk away with a win.

The game will prove to be a turning point for one of these teams. As the season progresses there will be less room for error. The team that takes this win will be in a better position as the season progresses. Be sure and follow up at

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