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Dwyane Wade is now revisiting the site of the 2008 Olympics where he triumphed. However, he is not yet decided if he will go with the American team to London for the games. He is probably considering taking a break from hosing basketball camp for thousands of kids. This being said he himself said that the decision to go to the Olympics next year is based on numerous things and so he is not decided either way. Baseball lines

As for his Olympic teammates, USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says he plans to contact players “within the next month” to gauge their interest in playing in 2012. Odds

However, his teammates such as USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says he is planning to contact the players within the next few months in order to gauge if they are interest in playing in 2012. With the rosters due in next June and with no guarantee in the NBA basketball industry Colangelo probably just wants to test the waters in terms of who is interested in play in London. But Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have commended to playing and their 2008 gold medals have not held them back from not playing in the upcoming games. Colangelo does realize that “circumstances have changed for some of the players who were on the Olympic team.”

Wade has returned to South Florida just this week after he had a busy schedule in the start of the summer with the long European trip done along with some business in Los Angeles and Chicago. Wade is also heading over to China in the next few weeks and said he will resume his basketball workouts very soon but he does not know when the lockout will be lifted. Scores

Wade said  “No lockout questions at all,” “I think it’s sensitive to them. They’re staying away from it.” Speaking of his inability to play as a member of the Heat’s facility he said  “I don’t miss it yet,” “I’m only a month away from the game. I’m cool. I’ve got two more weeks to relax before I get back into it. But when the time gets to where we’re still going, I will miss it and most importantly I think everybody will miss it because you’re used to getting into a rhythm, used to getting into a schedule. And when that schedule is starting off, everything is off.”

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