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The Eagles will be facing off against the Redskins in a game this Sunday in a game that could be one of the better ones played this year, as both teams are coming in with solid records. The team that wins this game will be well equipped to play some seriously good games later on this season as well. Vegas odds.

The Eagles are coming in on a 5-3 record, and will be looking to crush the Redskins with their superior offensive skills. They are coming into the game with 22.6 points allowed on the defensive, and have been taking 24.8 points per game. They have been doing very well on the passing game, and have a combination of quarterbacks in charge of the situation. Kolb is standing strong with a 63.4% completion rate, and 1035 yards, with 6 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Vick has also been great. This player has a 60.8% completion rate, with 1017 yards passing, with 7 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Betting lines.

The Washington team has been doing fairly well. They are coming in on a 4-4 record, and have delivered a few fantastic games. They have been taking 19.4 points on the offensive, and have allowed 21.3 points through their defensive line. They have used McNabb mainly, as he has a 57.4% completion rate with 1972 yards passing, 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. This game will be pivotal for them, as they need to hold their defense together against the Eagles superior attacking game. Sports scores.

At the moment, this game looks like it will go to the Eagles, as they have better offensive stats, and have been delivering better results. Their defense is better than the Redskins. As such, they will look to shut the Washington team down with big plays. Be sure and follow it all at

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