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On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers took a shrewd game against the Baltimore Ravens to bring an end to their 8 game winning streak at home. The nation as a whole was excited coming into this game, as it would break a tie and determine who would stand tall atop the AFC North. However, if anyone cared to look at how this match-up has turned out in the past, they could have easily predicted the outcome of last night’s game. Odds.

The Steelers gave it their all in the defensive battle that was true to a Pittsburgh-Baltimore game. As Ben Roethlisberger, “that was a Steelers-Ravens game alright. Hard fought all the way to the end.” It all came to an end with a low and final score of 13-10 after regulation time. Scores.

The Steelers really proved their strength in this game. The intensity never gave up, and the trainers were constantly busy while tending to injured players. One such amazing an injured Steeler was the above mentioned Roethlisberger. Although he suffered from a broken nose and strained right foot for the majority of the game, by the end he had gone 22 for 38 for 235 yards and one touchdown. He is now 8-2 in his career against Baltimore with his sixth straight win. Troy Polamalu also did well, scoring the game winning touchdown and participating in many decisive plays.

In a combined effort, the Steelers delivered a NFC North winning game. While they did take this match-up, it was the first time since November of 2007 that the team had been shutout in the first half of the game. Luckily, they were able to bounce back for a 9-3 record and possession of their division. Las Vegas odds.

Though the Ravens brought a rough game to the field, they fell short in various areas. Most noticeable was when they gave up their fourth quarter lead. Baltimore has now done this in all of their losses. Even more disappointing was when the team’s offensive line gave up the sack by Polamalu that ended up winning the game. With this loss, the Ravens fell to second place in the AFC North and a 8-4 record. Be sure to see how far these teams go at, source of the best online betting information around.

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