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Ravens safety Ed Reed delivered a different message than his mysterious offseason comments where he hinted at a potential holdout and considered retirement.

Now, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year says he wants to stay with the Ravens on a long-term basis and has communicated that wish to General Manager Ozzie Newsome.

The 33-year-old Reed is entering the last year of a 6-year, $40 million agreement and is due a $7.2 million base salary this season.

”Talks have just been there,” Reed announced. ”I know Ozzie and them know I’d like to be here. We’ll get that done when it’s time to cross that bridge. I’m good with football at this time. I know the Ravens know I want to be here. I wouldn’t give myself to the football team like I do if I had no desire to be here.”

Reed skipped a mandatory minicamp in June and stayed away from the team for the entire offseason.

Nevertheless the 8-time Pro Bowl selection reported on time for training camp last week.

”I’m here, man,” Reed declared. ”What transpired months back transpired what occurred due to what I had to deal with family-wise and what I’ve been going thru for the last 11 years now in the league you know it’s always a point in time when you have to assess yourself.” Baseball betting lines

Reed has long been outspoken and bluntly honest in his views, not concerning himself with being politically correct.

”I select to deal with it the way in which I deal with it,” Reed said. ”That way, young men know it. Their parents will know it. I’m not a man who holds things back. That’s the reason why you get what you get. And if I didn’t do it that way, you wouldn’t have the information to write about.”

Reed has no agent to represent him, according to NFL Players Association records.

Reed was last represented by South Florida agent Eugene Mato, and his rookie contract was negotiated by Jeff Moorad.

”Being that I haven’t got an agent, I am not sure how they are going to go about it,” Reed declared. ”I know they attempted to deal with things last season. That is the reason why the talks have been the way they’ve been. I didn’t want a middle man in between. I felt just like I’ll handle it, but you do need somebody to kind of say the things you’re not able to say as you are in the business.”

Reed has intercepted 57 career passes since being drafted in the 1st round by the Ravens out of the University of Miami in 2002.

He would really like to conclude his career with the defending AFC North champions.

”I have lots of respect for this organization, clearly, ”Reed declared. ”They know I am assessing myself year to year. Would I really like to play more? Of course, but the body tells you something different. There is a business side to it. Not every story plays out the way you want it to be. When we cross that bridge, you people will know.”

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