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The Golden State Warriors have been in dreadful form over the last few games. They’ve had their ups and downs over the season, but the way they played during the last few games was horrid. Their chance for redemption came on Tuesday night when they traveled to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers. It is no secret that the Cleveland team can’t quite cut it this season. And by “can’t quite cut it” we mean they are one of the worst seasons in their history. Basketball scores.

Monta Ellis most certainly understood the significance of the game (if you can’t take down the Cavaliers, who’s left?) and led his team to a nice away win. “Get out of his way,” David Lee, Golden State Warriors forward, stated, “or set him a screen.”Ellis was the best player of the night with 24 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

Ellis was not the only player to shine last night. Stephen Curry proved to be equally important for the Warriors. Without his 23 points, the Warriors most certainly could not have won the game.

“I’m fortunate to be coaching a team that has two players in the backcourt that can shoot the ball from deep, put it on the floor, get to the mid-area and also get to the rim,” Keith Smart, Golden State Warriors coach, stated. “That doesn’t happen that often.” Basketball odds.

Well, at least the Warriors can safely assume that Ellis will be there for them most of the time. But even if awesome performances from him have become common events, the rest of the players mustn’t slack and avoid something similar to the “Miami fiasco”.

“We’re not surprised,” Curry said. “He takes his show on the road a lot. It’s usually acrobatics at the rim, but tonight he was knocking down three’s. He took over the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth. He was knocking down a lot of shots. He’s tough to guard.”

However, even if the Warriors managed to win the game, they should really look into their first quarter performance. Their defense was terrible and the Cavaliers got up to a commanding lead. However, as it is usually the case with the Cleveland players, they quickly lost their lead and didn’t make any other problems for the Warriors. Basketball spreads.

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