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Former NBA player Oliver Miller pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of first-degree assault and carrying a handgun stemming from an incident in which he pistol-whipped his girlfriend’s brother. Betting lines

Happy Holidays NBA. No professional basketball, no Kim Kardashian to look courtside and now another NBA player, be it former, is misbehaving. The NBA has had its share of “boys gone wild” criminal behavior over the past few years and this case is a constant reminder that money and fame is not enough.

The 6-9 former University of Arkansas standout played nine seasons in the NBA, most recently with Minnesota in 2003-04. He was never a superstar. He was a role player that often under- performed on the court. He was always struggiling with his weight and never provided the inside presence teams expected of a man his stature. You hope that when these players retire after 9 years of making substantial amounts of money that they are able to lead a respectable life without pistol whipping and placing someone in a concussion. Sports scores

If Oliver would have been that aggressive and on the basketball court he would still be in the NBA now. Miller is due to be sentenced December 16.

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