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The Atlanta Falcons delivered as expected against the Cincinnati Bengals, proving once and for all that they mean business this year. They are looking to give their fans the best season possible. At the moment, they are up 5-2, and have gone 3-0 at home. Atlanta has a number of amazing players that never fail to come through, and are eagerly awaiting their next game. The game over the weekend ended 39-32, permitting the Falcons to take their fifth victory. Odds.

They overpowered the Bengals exactly the way everyone thought they would. With a strong offensive and a few creative plays, they managed to remain on top all throughout the game. Never once were they really challenged. At the end, it came down to a 7 point difference, but they shrewdly slammed the lid on the Bengals. While Atlanta faced an inspired Cincinnati defense in the third quarter, they overcame them in the fourth by scoring 15 points to their seven. Scores.

Roddy White had one of the best games of his career. He was everywhere he needed to be at exactly the right time, and pushed his team to a win. White made 11 catches for 201 yards, all of which were spectacular. The show even included a bit of high flying acrobatics, as he juggled a one handed catch and even a rock solid two point conversion off a massive leap into the air. If you watched the game, one thing was certain – the Falcons were out for blood. Las Vegas odds.

With all the power they needed, they set to the Bengals with a vengeance. It was quite the one sided affair, as they were more than motivated to win. The Bengals simply had no chance at a win. If the Falcons can keep delivering like this it will be a bright year for them. Check out all the best sports betting information at

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