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the Hurricanes seem a lot they need to be afraid of and a lot they have to be upset over lately but now the Dolphins are feeling angry or are the people angry at them? The Dolphins have recently disclosed plans to go ahead with honoring Tim Tebow as well as the rest of the Florida Gators’ 2008 national team. The ceremony is said to take place while the Dolphins game will take place against the Denver Broncos and Tebow on the 23rd of October. Basketball spreads

The meaning of this is that the Gators will now be honored on the field where they play. The Miami University now shares the Sun Life Stadium with the Miami Dolphins. The plans for the ceremony had the fans of the Hurricanes complaining this week to the executives of the Dolphins via twitter and other sources. Many people who are unhappy about the ceremony say that it slights the Hurricanes at a point at which they are already down with the program barely managing to survive after the NCAA investigation which stems from the allegations made by a convicted Ponzi scheme architect. Basketball lines

The original idea to honor the Gators had originated just one month back prior to the news of the NCAA investigation which surfaced according to Dolphins CEO Mike Dee on Tuesday. Dee had said that the Dolphins had made an offer to honor the Hurricanes 2001 national championship team during the session fo the game. The Hurricanes had declined because they plan their own celebration. This celebration is mainly an attempt for the Dolphins to somehow kick start their sluggish ticket sales according to Dee. Basketball betting lines

He said in a press conference “We’re sensitive to the reaction,” “But we have a very significant challenge in our market to market Dolphins football, and unfortunately we’re not in a position to be selective about whom we market to. We love everybody, and we have to be aggressive and market in ways that attract new fans.”

It is expected that over 20 former Gators will be attending the ceremony which includes the Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey. Pouncy said while laughing “It will be a great time for me and Tim,” “But I think they’re going to boo us.” And he is 100% correct.

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