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The fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. could not be any clearer regarding the adversary he wants to fight on May 5 at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Basketball spreads

Mayweather wants Manny Pacquiao — at least, if you’re to believe what he wrote on Tues. afternoon.

“Manny Pacquiao I’m calling you out let’s fight May 5th and give the fans what they want to see,” Mayweather wrote.

One minute later on, Mayweather followed with this: “My Jail Sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up Punk.”

Leonard Ellerbe, one of Mayweather’s confidants related that Mayweather was serious regarding calling out Pacquiao.

“You heard him,” Ellerbe claimed, nothing that Mayweather is personally responsible for the content sent from his verified account.

So Mayweather is now free till June 1 and intends to fight May 5. However, he’s without an opponent.

The 2 names most often discussed as potential opponents are junior middleweight titlist Saul “Canelo” Alvarez — who is 1 division on top of Mayweather, the welterweight titlist — and light Robert Guerrero, who is 2 divisions below.

Alvarez and Guerrero are being named as likely challengers because they would be fairly straightforward deals to make.

They’re both promoted by Golden Boy, that has served as Mayweather’s de facto promoter in recent times, plugging his last 5 bouts although they don’t have a formalized promotional agreement. Basketball lines

However, a fight between Mayweather and fellow welterweight champ and pound-for-pound star Pacquiao looms as the most important fight in the sport — and likely the wealthiest fight in boxing history. There appears to be no valid snag to making the match for May 5, although Top Rank’s Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, has not seemed fascinated.

When Mayweather was meant to go to prison, Arum talked about Pacquiao fighting on May 5 to take the spot of Mayweather. The following day, when Mayweather’s sentence got delayed, Arum asserted Pacquiao would most likely have to battle in June, blaming that on a injured Pacquiao suffered in his November majority call win against Juan Manuel Marquez as the cause — even though a cut taking additional than half a year to fix is unheard of.

Arum is in the Philippines meeting with Pacquiao to talk about his next contestant. But the list of possible opponents Arum cited didn’t include Mayweather. Rather, it includes a rematch with junior middleweight titlist Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao stopped in the 12th round of a 2009 welterweight title bout; Marquez, for a 4th time; or a fight with junior welterweight titleholders Lamont Peterson or Timothy Bradley Jr.

After Mayweather’s sentence got delayed, Arum said that he was not very fascinated in talking to Pacquiao concerning fighting Mayweather in May.

“We’re fighting in June, one of the 4 guys,” Arum declared last week. “My job is to go over to the Philippines and talk about these four guys. If Manny feels he would like to go in May, he will tell me. I want to make sure Manny’s cuts are cured. We won’t fall underneath this sort of strain. June is way more likely for Manny’s fight, not May.”

Arum also said he was worry that Mayweather won’t be licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission with a conviction hanging over his head and jail time billed for June.

“I do not even know if Mayweather will be licensed before he serves his time,” Arum expounded.

Though Mayweather is likely to be ordered to a hearing before the commission because of his conviction before it’ll license him for a May 5 fight, it is likely the commission will license him. In fact, the judge in Mayweather’s criminal circumstance was swayed by the economic impact of a Mayweather fight on the Las Vegas economy as a primary reason for the setback. It is hard to think the commission, all political nominees, rejecting Mayweather a license for a fight that would bring the local economy millions of greenbacks.

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