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The San Francisco Giants have been on fire so far in the World Series, out-gaining the Rangers in a massive display of offensive power. If they can hold their game together, they will soon take a 3-0 lead in the series. This upcoming game will be a truly exciting one, as they are determined to do whatever they can to take the series. The Rangers have been completely shut down by the Giants extreme pitching the past two games. They would be wise to really start pulling themselves together, and work on getting back to the form they were in the past few months when they were giving quality games. Odds.

The Rangers by no means are a bad team. They have come through with stunning games all year long, playing the best season in their franchises history. They even beat out the Yankees on their road to the World Series. However, it seems like they have simply lost their drive. They struck out against Matt Cain and the Giants, only taking four hits in the second game. The Texas team ended up losing 9-0. Scores.

The Giants are taking the series my storm. This team has wrecked their opponents all year long, rising to power and beating out the Padres in the NL West. The interesting thing about the two teams in the World Series this year is that they are both from the Western Division. There have been a few fantastic games out of that division this year, and two of those teams are still in it to win. In the end, it will come down to one of them to winning the 2010 World Series. Las Vegas odds.

Game three is kicking off today, and the Rangers are in desperate need of a boost against the Giants. The Texas team has all the makings of a World Champion, they just need to find their groove and play as such. Be sure and follow up on all the best sports betting options at

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