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It looks like the new Minnesota Timberwolves initiative is paying off. A day before the game, the Timberwolves held a staff meeting with coaches and players speaking their minds about everything that’s going on in their game. It looks like the idea was good, as the Timberwolves showed a lot of strength and determination against the Golden State Warriors. Basketball lines.

However, that fact was not at all evident in the first quarter. Minnesota’s defense was absolutely dismal and the Golden State Warriors took advantage of it. However, with the Warriors focused on scoring, the Timberwolves managed to keep themselves in the game. That led to a very spectacular first quarter in which the score was 41-32.

“This was almost a must-win for us,” Kevin Love stated. “We felt like we haven’t been playing well the past five or six games, and we had to come out and win this one. So we’re just happy we did.”

Even though the Timberwolves are in a horrible place right now, one of their players can be particularly happy. Kevin Love’s the name and it seems double-double is his game. Love managed his 46th consecutive double-double as he scored 37 points and managed 23 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals. Basketball betting lines.

The Timberwolves finally started looking like a decent team in the second quarter. It was their turn to take advantage of the opponents’ defensive weaknesses and managed to cut their lead in half. The Warriors were outscored by the Timberwolves 32-37, which brought the overall score to 73-69.

“I feel like everybody took it the right way. Nobody took it hard,” Beasley stated. “There’s no hard feelings, you know? It’s kind of what we needed. I feel like everybody took it to heart and didn’t want to be all talk. We came to play.”

The Timberwolves’ form and energy levels finally peaked in the third quarter. That is when things stopped being close and everything started to go well for Minnesota. Their defense was amazing and their attack was spectacular. Kevin Love did great and the Timberwolves heavily outscored the Warriors, 16-35. That brought the overall score to 89-104.

“Just didn’t play well in the third quarter whatsoever,” David Lee stated. “Couldn’t buy a bucket on offense. Couldn’t stop anybody on defense. Made a good comeback, we didn’t give up, but that’s beside the point.” Odds.

The Warriors gave a good account of themselves in the fourth quarter and the game finally ended at 123-126.

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