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The Golden State Warriors got their defense together as they won against the New Orleans Hornets. The start of the game was dreadful for the warriors with Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis out early on. The first quarter came with New Orleans stinging their opponents again and again and grabbing a healthy 10 point lead. The game was tough and coach Keith Smart took a big chance and introduced his reserves, with the hopes that they will be able stand up to the Hornets and not allow them to move too far ahead.

It was a gambit that paid fully paid off. From that moment on, the Hornets were invisible on the field and the Warriors were able to completely destroy their advantage by half time. After being outscored 32-22 in the first quarter, the Warriors managed to make a spectacular comeback and go 5 points clear of their opponents at half time. It was 58-53 and it seemed like nothing could stop Golden State’s Momentum.

David Lee who scored 16 points for the Warriors gives credit to the team for their amazing work. “It’s all been about effort,” Lee stated. “I thought we controlled the paint, didn’t give them that many easy buckets tonight and our defense in the second half took off.” It certainly looked like that, but representatives from the New Orleans Hornets don’t agree and have taken all the blame upon themselves. Las Vegas odds.

“I don’t believe in excuses and I don’t believe in rescues,” Monty Williams, coach for the Hornets stated. “If guys want to keep their job, they’re going to have to learn how to play in tough times like this.”

“They were all easy shots, shots that I should have made,” C. Paul stated. “It was nothing they did.” Even though Paul assumed responsibility for his dismal night, which ended with him getting only 11 points and 10 assists, nobody can say the Warriors weren’t amazing as they went on to cover the deficit and controlled the game for the remaining three quarters. Odds.

“We just haven’t had enough consistent play,” Hornets’ David West, which also played for the Warriors in the past, stated. “We haven’t been able to play at a high enough level to beat even teams that aren’t in the playoff race. We just haven’t been able to play at a high enough level to win those games.” Scores.

It was a well deserved win for the Golden State Warriors and they can now look forward with renewed confidence.

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