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The former caddie for Tiger Woods has been drawing all the attention from the crowd but a mixed reaction when he had gloated about his former boss’s first win. Some have understood what Steve Williams was feeling in the way of frustration after he was dumped by woods but other have thought that the caddie has gone overboard with his comments to the media. He is taking all the attention away from the guy who actually went off and won the World Golf Championship at Firestone. Baseball odds

The crowd was heard chanting Williams as he was walking up to the 18th green with Scott at Firestone who got a four stroke win. After that Williams had given an interview which was twice as long as the Aussie’s and has called it “The best win I’ve ever had”

Steve STricker had said on Monday that Williams was clearly feeling upset and was eager to let his feeling out in public. Basketball betting lines

After practice Stricker said “I’m not going to say if he went overboard or not,” “It’s just too bad their relationship had to end like that.”

There were a pair of English golfer who were not at Firestone but had watched the tournament on television when both went on to Twitter and too shots at Williams. Basketball lines

Chris wood wrote “Cannot believe they have interviewed Steve Williams. Nice of him to take away from Scotty’s win. Says it all,”

Then Oliver Wilson said, “Steve Williams taken all the attention off Adam scotts fantastic win! Played great and nobody is talking about him this morning!!!” He added a hash tag to his tweet with the word “shameful.”

Stricker said “This is all media driven. The media is looking for a story here,” “I don’t know the whole situation. I’ve heard two different stories, and I don’t know which one is the real story. But, obviously, he was upset to the point that he said what he did in front of everybody. That’s his right.”

Nick Faldo  said “Stevie was obviously hurt. He gave his all to Tiger for 13 years,” “I’m sure there was an element to that where he was saying, ‘Hey, look what I’ve just done, mate.’ I know Stevie is getting praise and criticism, both ways. That’s kind of normal for him. That’s Stevie.”

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