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On the day he returned from a team-imposed 5-game suspension, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said he will now be on an indeterminable self-imposed test period. Las Vegas odds

Meeting the media for the 1st time since he said sorry to the Cuban American community for praising Cuban dictator Castro’s ability to stay in power for so long, the previous longtime Chicago White Sox player and chief continued to say he is sorry.

“I put myself on probation… me, no-one else,” Guillen said. “It is probation about growing up and being better, and be careful to not trust too many people. That was my problem.”

There were boos when Guillen ran onto the field to disapprove about a call in the 7th inning, but they were aimed at the umpire. The Marlins won 5-2. Vegas odds

Some fans had promised to keep away in protest. Announced attendance was 24,544, by far the smallest in 5 games at the Marlins’ new ballpark.

The lack of a major protest did not make Guillen any less sorry for the discomfort due to his comments.

Guillen stated that he stayed at home during his suspension and watched Marlins games on TV, while calling it an unusual and awkward situation. He said he never heard any negative remarks from people in the street. And whether or not he did, it sounded as if Guillen would have taken them in stride.

“I don’t think I’m going to change but clearly talking about some concerns that aren’t my business, you learn from that,” he claimed. “I learned a very tough lesson. Not just me, I’m sure my family, folk around me, the organization, players, and followers. You really learn from mistakes. I’m hoping these errors make me a more developed person, make me realize how much I adore this game and make me realize how much I really like to be in Miami.”

Despite the reaction, though, Guillen said he never thought about being dismissed.

“The people running this ballclub are behind me 100%,” Guillen said. “Certainly they’re not too happy and do not consent with what I did, but they supported me.”

Marlins pitcher Mark Buehrle, who spent 8 seasons with Guillen in Chicago, said he wasn’t stunned his manager found himself in hot water, but did see a different side of him this time.

“I’ve been close (him) enough to understand that something is going to be declared or be done to get a lot of attention, but I didn’t think it would be something like that,” Buehrle said. “You can undoubtedly tell it affected him.

He said a lot of stuff and never had to say sorry or go into this type of detail explaining himself. Any time you see him doing that you certainly know he knows he messed up.”

So what will it do to win back the fans and get the Marlins back on good terms with the community?

“Win,” Guillen said. “If you’re winning and I do what I believe I should do in this community, it’ll be better. We’ve got a lot of things under consideration. It is too early (to discuss it).

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