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The next game between the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic will be on Friday, and it will certainly be a very tough game. The Magic have been, well, magic during the preseason. They most recently netted their 21st straight win in a row. Orlando is pressing their opponents really hard, not letting them even get close to a win. NFL scores.

At the moment, due to their record, the Magic are the favorites. They are coming in with a 7-0 record against the Heat’s even 3-3. The Miami team has been slacking a bit, but they can afford to do that. The preseason really means nothing, as it has no reflection on the regular season. The game on Friday will be an exciting one. Whoever manages to take it will be put ahead with a huge momentum boost the day the regular season kicks off. Baseball scores.

There will be a lot of energy flying around in this game. The Miami Heat are consistently placed amongst the best teams in the nation, and there is a good reason for that. They boast a few of the best players around, and earlier this year, they added LeBron James to their roster. In his previous game, LeBron really came through. Still, the Hawks beat the Miami Heat in the end. As there were several key elements that they need to improve with their game, hopefully they will be able adjust them during the game. Basketball scores.

The Magic will focus on doing what they have been doing so well this year – winning. With their goal in mind, the Orlando team is proceeding with all systems go. These players are simply on fire, and ready fro the regular season. They will be sure to deliver quality with every game. Look for a solid offensive geared to break the Heat on Friday. Be sure and follow the best NBA action at

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