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It was a night for reserve Chase Budinger as the Houston Rockets went head to head with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was obvious that Shane Battier couldn’t get his head together. Transfer rumors always seem to affect players in that way and Battier was no exception.

“Whether I get moved or not, at least I will have peace of mind,” said the forward which had been traded once before. Basketball scores.

The first quarter started with both teams playing some good basketball. None of them was able to hold on to the lead for very long and it looked like Cleveland could surprise everyone again like they did against the Lakers. The score was 28-27 and it looked like we’re going to have an all out war on our hands.

“It does take up a lot of your energy because it is so prevalent,” Battier stated. “Everywhere you go, you’re asked about it. For me, it is a little bit different. I have never had an expiring contract, so I have been attractive for different reasons. I know I am more tradable, or trade-bait or whatever you want to call it this year.” Basketball odds.

The second quarter pleased the home fans as the Cavaliers quickly surmounted their deficit and gained the lead. However, the Rockets were always a step behind them and they could never relax. Finally Budinger was introduced and in the end, that’s what made the difference. The score at half time was 61-65 and the game looked great.

“We go down this stretch of the season and we have to play with desperation every night,” Rick Adelman stated. “Every time we practice and everything we do, we can’t think we have accomplished anything. When we get contributions from eight or nine guys we are a pretty good team.”

Few believed Budinger could put on such a good game but the player managed to score 30 points and got 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. It was his performance that turned the game around and the Rockets were ahead before the fourth quarter. The overall score was 91-88.

The fourth quarter looked a lot like the third. The Cavaliers managed to get ahead only to fall in mere moments. It was tight throughout the quarter and the Houston Rockets managed to stay ahead. The final score was 124-119 and even if the Cavaliers lost, they should think about the fact that they played awesome basketball. Basketball spreads.

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